5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel

With gas costs and airfares where they are and the impending peak in summer travel, many people are reconsidering their travel plans or choosing to stay close to home for a “staycation.” Take into account these 5 summer vacation budget-friendly strategies before you give up on your getaway idea.

1. Rewards for Stop & Shop Gas. You may now save money on petrol by using your Stop & Shop card to earn Stop & Shop Gas Rewards points. You accrue points on your card for each dollar you spend at Stop & Shop. You save 10 cents per gallon of petrol for every 100 points you earn. For further information and the terms and conditions, go to stop&shop.com.

2. Instead than following the crowd, be original. If you simply want to get away but don’t have a specific place in mind, consider where most people vacation during the summer and make travel arrangements elsewhere. Aruba provides discounts of between 30 and 40 percent off standard hotel rates during the summer. In Las Vegas, where the average summer temperature is around 100 degrees, you can also get some fantastic summer prices. Just remember to stay hydrated and spend as much time as possible in motels with air conditioning.

3. Midweek departure and return. Booking your tickets in the middle of the week is a wise approach to save money as weekends and holidays are often high travel times. The cheapest flights are often those with departures and arrivals on Tuesday or Wednesday. Fly if at all possible during the latter two weeks of August or the first two weeks of June.

4. Considering a layover or one stop. The most expensive nonstop flights are those that take place during the day, so if possible, fly late at night or early in the morning to take advantage of lower airfares. Consider a layover at a less well-known city as well; you could save money by flying out of a less-busy, smaller airport on the return leg.

5. Online baggage fees must be paid. The majority of commercial airlines now charge a fee to check a bag in an effort to generate money. On domestic flights, Jet Blue does not charge for a bag, although they are the exception. Many travelers now dread paying luggage fees, but there is a way to get around it: pay your baggage fee in advance online.


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