Snapchat introducing new World Lenses: Take a look

Snapchat today launches global lenses, a new twist on its popular face filters that continues to explore the augmented reality of the business.

Starting today, tapping the camera screen while using the rear-facing camera will bring up new 3D lenses. A cloud, a rainbow, flowers, and a floating “OMG” are part of the initial lineup, which will change daily, the company said.

After selecting your lens, you can move it around the screen with your finger before taking a photo or video.

Once you’ve placed it, the app behaves as if the object exists in the real world: walk closer to it and it gets bigger. In this it’s different from Snapchat’s 3D stickers, which are flat objects that you pin after capturing your image.

The timing of today’s news is gloomy, and I mean this as a compliment: it comes on the first day of the F8 Facebook developer conference.

Facebook has of course spent the past year gradually importing as many Snapchat features as possible into its suite of apps. World lenses look delightful in this promotional video, and so look for them to pop up in Facebook apps later this year.


Swati Sharma

SWATI SHARMA is an editor at “On Breaking”. She is a very enthusiastic journalist and has worked for many Esteemed Online Magazines and Celebrity Interview, thus gaining a huge experience before joining the team at On Breaking. She is a great combo of intelligence and passion, which adheres in her write-ups done for the website. She is specialises in Headline, Business and Entertainment.

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