Rock Band 4 Announces Weekly Lineup of Music Video Game’s DLC Tracks

Rock Band 4 Announces Weekly Lineup of Music Video Game's DLC TracksThe new songs are “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers and “Africa” by Toto, Harmonix announced Monday. The songs can be downloaded from the Rock Band Store this week when it updates.

Harmonix has announced this week’s lineup of Rock Band 4 DLC tracks. There are only two, but they are some seriously excellent, famous songs.

First up is “All These Things That I’ve Done” from The Killers, off the band’s iconic 2004 album, Hot Fuss. As you likely remember, the song features a choir and the bridge spans four octaves. Good luck, singers!

The other new Rock Band 4 DLC track this week is Toto’s “Africa,” which will no doubt get your entire living room singing when the chorus comes along. The song’s harmonies have been faithfully linked to different singers in the band; here’s a breakdown:

  • Harmony 1 – Keyboardist (sings the verses) – David Paich
  • Harmony 2 – Singer – Bobby Kimball
  • Harmony 3 – Guitarist – Steve Lukather

You can buy these Rock Band 4 DLC tracks for $2 each when the Rock Band Store updates this week. Listen to them right now in the Spotify embed below.


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