Microsoft and Xbox Australia Announce Limited-Edition Gaming Loungewear ‘Xbox Onesie’

Microsoft and Xbox Australia Announce Limited-Edition Gaming Loungewear 'Xbox Onesie'

The limited-edition onesie, which has no release information, includes enlarged pockets to fit controllers or remotes, an extra-large hood to accommodate headsets and customized Gamertag embroidery.

Xbox Australia has unveiled its latest product, the “Xbox Onesie,”which is essentially an adult-sized, one-piece pajama suit with several custom features. The onesie will be available in two colors, black and white, and will have some customizable embroidered text on the front, which you can replace with your gamertag.

A few strange features have been added to the onesie to make it friendlier for online gamers. For one thing, its pockets have been enlarged so that they can hold an Xbox One controller. Similarly, the onesie comes with an extra-large hood, which can be comfortably pulled over a gaming headset. The cloth on the onesie’s forearm has some additional rubber grips that give the elbows a bit of traction, so that players don’t slip while playing with their arms resting on a desk, and an extra pouch has been added on the upper arm to hold a mobile phone.

Microsoft also released an uncomfortable photo shoot that demonstrates the onesie in action. It features two models who awkwardly pose while they laugh and eat popcorn in an Xbox-themed living room. It starts out pretty normal, but it ends with the couple performing a few ridiculous actions, like standing up on a couch and pouring an entire bowl of popcorn on the floor.

Microsoft has not given a specific release date for the Xbox Onesie, but more news on its availability will be coming soon.

What do you guys think? Would you consider buying this onesie for yourself? Honestly, despite the ridiculous way that this onesie is being marketed, it actually looks incredibly comfortable and fairly useful, and I might consider buying one once it’s released.

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