Instagram Now Pinch to Zoom in on Photos and Videos in iOS

Instagram Now Pinch to Zoom in on Photos and Videos in iOS

Instagram has added the ability to zoom in on photos and videos.

Pinch to zoom will be available via an iPhone app update on Wednesday. Support for the Android app will be added in the “coming weeks.”

It’s possibly one of the few remaining near-universal experiences for mobile users: the frustration of trying to zoom in on an Instragram image and remembering that you can’t. That’s now changing, since Instagram is rolling out pinch-to-zoom support in its iOS app starting today.

The new feature will let users zoom in on both photos and videos in the main feed, on profile pages and on the Explore tab. Our long national nightmare is over. For iOS users, that is – Android users still have to experience the nightmare for the time being, but you won’t have to wait too long because Instagram says the feature is hitting Android sometime “in the coming weeks.”

Here’s a video showing pinch to zoom in action:

Between support for landscape and profile aspect ratios, the introduction of Instagram Stories and now zooming, Instagram has grown a lot in the past year or so. What’s especially interesting is that that list has generally resulted in a much-improved service, on balance.

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