Google Doodle celebrates Yma Sumac’s 94th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates Yma Sumac’s 94th birthdayYma Sumac, Born Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo in the mountains of Peru, Yma Sumac, or “bird Peruvian singer,” she entered the world on this day in 1922. When she was a child, Yma sing to rocks in his hillside house mountain, pretending they were his audience. In his teens, Yma audience became very real when she was invited to sing in Argentina station radio. After that time, his son stunning five-octave voice range wowed audiences in South America and beyond.

A star was born on September 13, 1922 Yma Sumac, whose range of music lovers caught all the vocal world. Google marked what would have been 94 years of the singer on Tuesday with a new doodle in his honor.

Yma came to the United States in 1946 and was signed by Capitol Records shortly thereafter. During its first decade of 1950, she sings at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and Royal Albert Hall – to name a few.

Yma moved to the US in 1946, where he was quickly signed by Capital Records. She reached the prime of his career in the 1950s, when she appeared on the stages of Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, the Royal Albert Hall in London and elsewhere elite.

During this time she was known for dressing, extravagant costumes striking and ornate jewelry, its comparison with the Inca royalty of which is sometimes said to have been a descendant.

Yma Sumac died in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, but will always be remembered his voice.

Here’s to Yma, whose captivating voice will always be remembered.

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