Crowd of ‘Pokémon Go’ Players Visits Central Park to Attempt to Vaporeon Stampede

Crowd of 'Pokémon Go' Players Visits Central Park to Attempt to Vaporeon Stampede

A large crowd went to Central Park at about 11 p.m. EDT Thursday to capture a rare Eevee evolution named Vaporeon, outlets said. “Pokémon Go” is reportedly the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.

Pokémon Go has been drawing players in droves to catch ‘em all, and recently New York City’s Central Park featured a catch that caused a frenzy.

Due to the game’s system of drawing players into real world locations to catch the various kinds of Pokémon, there have been occasions where a crowd has formed to obtain a rare part of the Pokédex. A video released Friday, which you can see above, shows trainers rushing into Central Park late Thursday night to catch the rare Eevee evolution, Vaporeon.

A similar situation played out Wednesday in Bellevue, Washington.Hundreds of players stormed a park when Squirtle, another rare Pokémon, appeared there.

Pokémon Go, which is now the biggest mobile game in U.S. history, is available on iOS and Android. Just don’t get caught cheating or play the game while watching a movie.

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