» » Shane McMahon Injured By Randy Orton in Survivor Series

Shane McMahon Injured By Randy Orton in Survivor Series

Shane McMahon Injured By Randy Orton in Survivor Series

Randy Orton had a great night at the Survivor Series, and he was one of the last two men standing for the SmackDown Live crew during the final WWE Monday Night Raw vs. SmackDown Live match of the night. However, at one point in the match, Randy Orton proved that he has compassion during a very human moment in the match.

Cageside Seats reported that Randy Orton broke character midway through the match to help console Shane McMahon’s children, who were sitting at ringside. This came moments after Roman Reigns accidentally legitimately knocked Shane McMahon out.

Randy Orton was outside the ring during the move and watched as Reigns stood up in the middle of Shane’s leap and hit a spear onto the SmackDown Live commissioner. Unfortunately, he kept too high and connected his shoulder into McMahon’s head.

It was clear that Shane McMahon was completely knocked out. His eyes were still open, but there was really no one home. WWE officials had to help him to the back after his Survivor Series elimination as he was completely out of it after that point.

Just like at WrestleMania this year when Shane jumped off the top of the Hell in a Cell cage to try to put Undertaker through a table, he did it with his young children watching ringside. While the McMahon family understands that risks are taken, when the kids saw their dad legitimately injured, it was Randy Orton who was there to console them.

A WWE fan took to Twitter to mention that he saw Randy Orton immediately break character to console the SmackDown Live commissioner’s kids. The fan said that Randy Orton turned from heel to face in real life to calm down the kids.

It was true, and Randy Orton responded to the fan on Twitter. Randy Orton said that he himself is a father and knows what it is like to have your kids at ringside when “s**t goes sideways.” It was a great moment for Randy Orton in the eyes of many fans.

Randy Orton came out of the Survivor Series event with a huge WWE storyline in place. He has joined the Wyatt Family, which was controversial, but in the main Survivor Series match, Randy Orton proved he was a solid member of the Family when he took a spear to save Bray Wyatt and helped Wyatt pin Roman Reigns to win the match.

This was one of the only big wins that Bray Wyatt has ever had on a WWE PPV event, and the addition of Randy Orton to the faction might finally make the Wyatt Family important for the first time in years. The actions of Randy Orton in real life, helping console the children of his injured commissioner, goes a long way to help endear him to fans for the first time in years.

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  • Waters83

    Where do they find the people that write the headlines? He was not injured by Randy Orton. It was by a spear from Roman Reigns

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    Swatti Sharma and Varun Kumar, good job fellas!

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    He was injured by Roman Reigns not Orton you idiots.
    Orton consoled Shane’s son after Roman injured him.

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    So how about you let wrestling fans write this because apparently Swarti Sharma didn’t watch this PPV. If she had, she would have written about how Roman Reigns speared Shane into the mat causing Shane to hit his head into the mat and also butt heads with Roman’s as well.


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    Clearly you don’t watch wrestling. Randy Orton didn’t injure Shane McMahon. He was merely checking on Shane’s family who was watching at ringside. If you’re going to write about something, maybe you should write about makeup or fashion. Clearly you didn’t watch the PPV.

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    Might want to reword your headline to go along with the truth of your article. Randy did console Shane’s family but Roman Reigns was the one who injured Shane.

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    It was roman who injured shane, randy was in the same team lmao!

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