Shane McMahon in Helicopter That Landing in Ocean Near Long Island Beach

Shane McMahon in Helicopter That Landing in Ocean Near Long Island Beach

The son of wrestling impresario Vince McMahon and his pilot escaped without injury Wednesday morning when their helicopter plunked down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Shane McMahon, 47, recounting hearing a bang before pilot Mario Regtien pulled off an emergency landing about a half-mile south of Gilgo Beach around 10:30 a.m. on a sunny July morning.

“It’s very unsettling,” said the WWE scion after a Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau boat returned the two men to the Long Island shore.

“It’s very unnerving,” he continued. “But Mario was super calm, which made me super calm, and we landed perfectly.”

The cause of the unexpected splashdown remained unknown, but Suffolk County police described the incident as “a controlled water landing.”

McMahon is the only son of the wrestling magnate Vince McMahon, and his mother Linda is the head of the Small Business Administration in the Trump Administration.

Shane has served as an announcer, a businessman and a wrestler during a long involvement with the WWE.

“I’d like to thank the man upstairs for looking out this morning and thanks to pilot Mario,” McMahon later tweeted.

The Coast Guard responded to remove the stranded helicopter as it bobbed in the ocean on its pontoons. A rescue helicopter and two small boats circled the downed red chopper following the landing.

Officials said more details would come at an afternoon news conference.

In an unrelated but somewhat bizarrely similar incident, the FAA reported a small plane landed on Route 27 near Brookhaven shortly after the helicopter went down.

There was no details on the touchdown about 40 miles away from where McMahon survived the watery landing.

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