Ryan Lochte Reveals Gender of His Baby, Stars in PowerBar Ad

Ryan Lochte Reveals Gender of His Baby, Stars in PowerBar AdAs a follow-up to the December news that American superstar Ryan Lochte is going to be a father, the 32-year-old recently revealed the gender of the baby he and his fiance, Kayle Rae Reid, are expecting. The pair recently revealed they will be welcoming a baby boy later this year.

When asked by CBS News if a boy was what Lochte was hoping for, the former Florida Gator responded, “Yes, yes I was, because I always wanted more than one kid and I definitely wanted a boy first so if we have a girl, the boy will be the big brother and take care of his sister so it’s working out perfectly.”

But the fact that he is following in former USA teammate Michael Phelps‘ footsteps in terms of having a baby boy is not lost on Lochte. The 12-time Olympic medalist said, “I already knew this was going to happen when we found out it was a boy, that everyone’s going to be like, “Oh, Boomer — it’s like Phelps and Lochte back at it again,” so it’ll be fun but the most important thing is I’m really excited about just having a kid.”

Also new for 2017 is Lochte’s partnership with the PowerBar company. An upcoming advertisement campaign, whose initial commercial is below, is based on a ‘clean start’, referring to giving Lochte a second chance after the Rio gas station debacle that put the swimmer in the spotlight immediately after the Olympic Games.  The swimmer playfully pokes fun at himself, having a last laugh at his silver/white/gray/whatever hair color before throwing it out his car’s sunroof.

Says Lochte of the business relationship, “PowerBar started this new campaign of a clean start in 2017 and I thought this was a perfect fit for me because I’m putting 2016 in my past. I’m moving forward and starting with a clean start. My clean start is going to be a family. And there’s a lot more I want to accomplish, like swim faster. That’s my new pledge.”

The final piece of Lochte’s fresh start for 2017 is a brand-new partnership — withPowerBar, which is debuting its Clean Start Pledge and new Clean Whey product line. Olympians have a hard enough time finding sponsors and business partnerships that will allow them the luxury of training full-time; Olympians tied to negative headlines and banned from competition for 10 months find it even more challenging. So Lochte’s partnership is a big deal, a signal that the page may have turned for good.

“To have a big company like PowerBar (partner with me means a lot),” Lochte said. “As an Olympian, you want to surround yourself with the best brands out there.”

He couldn’t have been sure, a few months back, that they would be willing to surround themselves with him. But that’s what time passing and major life changes can do — allow you to reinvent yourself and not let the past define you.

Lochte is trying to do just that.

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