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Home / Sports / Michael Phelps’ baby is media darling after Father’s historic win at Rio 2016
Michael Phelps' baby is media darling after Father's historic win at Rio 2016

Michael Phelps’ baby is media darling after Father’s historic win at Rio 2016

Michael Phelps' baby is media darling after Father's historic win at Rio 2016Michael Phelps finished the race with a time of 1 minute, 54.66 seconds. He has won the event in the last four Olympics. His U.S. teammate, Ryan Lochte, finished in fifth place with a time of 1:57.47.

Less than 24 hours after cementing his place even more in history, Michael Phelps’ adorable baby boy, Boomer, stole the show Friday as his grandmother and mother spoke of their admiration for the ‘driven’ Olympian.

While speaking on NBC’s Today show, Debbie Phelps, who was sporting a tan jacket that her son’s initials sewn in on her left side, said that she would love to see her son compete in the next Olympic Games in 2020.

‘That would be wonderful,I already have the race picked out,’ the proud mother said.
The delighted mother was joined by the athlete’s fiancee, Nicole Johnson, and her grandson, Boomer, during the television appearance.

Since their time in Rio, the adorable baby boy has become the media darling and on Friday’s television appearance it was no different.

Even before getting the interview started, Today host Matt Lauer jokingly asked Boomer a question before turning the conversation over to Debbie Phelps.

She remarked that this years Olympics doesn’t feel different than the past ones her son has competed in.

‘It’s rather amazing to think of Michael’s journey since 2004 at age 15 and now 31,’ Debbie Phelps said. ‘It’s just remarkable.’

She also commented on how rough 2014 was for him in reference to his DUI arrest.
‘Michael is very driven,’ Debbie Phelps said. ‘He’s driven to correct things that have gone wrong, to set goals for himself as to where he wants to be.’

Debbie Phelps added: ‘I’ve never seen him so happy as he is now.’

Despite competing professionally as a swimmer for over a decade, his mother said that it does not get less stressful or easier for her to watch him in the water.

‘You never know how it can turn out,’ Debbie Phelps said. ‘I mean I try and hold myself together, I really do. But it doesn’t always work though.’

Johnson, added that their adorable son, Boomer, helps to motivate the athlete.

‘It’s been incredible,’ Johnson said, while holding Boomer. ‘I think because I’ve watched it first hand.

‘The training, the dedication, the downside and coming back from all of that.

‘It’s really cool, I’m kind of speechless over all of that.’

The brunette beauty added that it’s also amazing to share the experience at the RIo Olympics with their infant son.

‘Even though he won’t remember outside of all the pictures and all the videos, it’s really neat.’

Boomer, who was sporting a white shirt that had his father’s initials on the back with a pair of red shorts, was napping at the start of the segment.

Near the end he appeared to wake up and make a little noise, but was relatively quiet during his first live television appearance.

The three-month-old baby boy was without the noise blocking headphones that he has been photographed wearing while his father competes for gold in Rio.

Helping his father put his best foot forward towards adding to the collection of gold medals, Boomer wore a pair of gold-colored booties during Thursday’s 200m individual medley.

He was photographed with his mother and grandmother watching the highly anticipated race.

Michael Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, beat his competitors in the 200m individual medley to take home the gold medal in Rio.

The swimmer had not lost the event since his Olympic debut in the 2004 Athens games, making it his fourth straight win.

Michael Phelps nabbed his 22nd Olympic gold medal, while beating Ryan Lochte, 32, off the top of the podium for what’s expected to be his last time competing in the games.
Lochte is skeptical about his plans for retirement and he said on the Today show on Friday that he wants a rematch at the next games.

‘I guarantee he will be there,’ Lochte said of Phelps. ‘I think so. I really think so. So Michael, I’ll see you in Tokyo!’

While Lochte confirmed he plans on swimming in the next Olympics, he says he will definitely be taking a mental break from the sport after the devastating loss.

‘I mentally need a break right now to relax, but I think that loss sparked a little fire in me and hopefully that will keep going for four more years,’ he said.

Lochte comes away from Rio with just one medal a gold in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay which she shares with Phelps and teammates Townley Haas and Conor Dwyer.

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