Gisele Bündchen says husband Tom Brady had concussion during 2016-17 Season

Gisele Bündchen wife of Tom Brady told CBS’ Charlie Rose that the Patriots quarterback had a concussion last year.

“He had a concussion last year. He has concussions, pretty much … I mean, we don’t really talk about it, but he does have concussions,” Bundchen told Rose.

Bundchen was speaking of her husband’s health and concerns she had about his football playing career.

“I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through like that kind of aggression all the time,” she said. “That cannot be healthy for you.

Brady didn’t miss any games due to injury last season.

According to David P. Woods of The Score, the Patriots have not listed Brady on the injury report with a concussion over the past four seasons.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones offered some perspective with regard to Gisele labeling whatever Brady was dealing with as a concussion:

The 12-time Pro Bowler sat out the first four games of 2016 due to a suspension stemming from Deflategate before going on to post an 11-1 regular-season record and lead the Pats to a win over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

Despite the concussion, Gisele told Rose that Brady’s transition to a plant-based diet has made him feel better physically, per CBS News:

The 39-year veteran showed no signs of slowing down last season, throwing 3,554 yards, 28 touchdowns and just two interceptions during the regular season.

Brady has not lost a game because of an injury since 2008, when he was forced to sit 15 contests after breaking his ACL and MCL at the start of the season.

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