Dana White Confirms … Georges St-Pierre Fighting Michael Bisping!

Dana White Confirms ... Georges St-Pierre Fighting Michael Bisping!It’s official … Georges St-Pierre WILL fight Michael Bisping for the 185 pound title!

UFC honcho Dana White just announced a deal was made over a recent dinner in Las Vegas … and says the fight will go down later in 2017.

White noted that GSP has to go through 3 months of USADA testing before he can fight — but he’s confident Georges will pass and the fight will go down.

White also said rumblings of a possible fight between GSP and Conor McGregor never came close to actually happening. At least not yet.

White said: ‘He has to go through USADA – he has to be tested by USADA for the next three months.

‘There’s a lot of things that have to happen for Georges St-Pierre to come back, and then we’ll pick a date.

‘He was one of the big stars who helped build the sport and helped build the UFC. He never lost his title.

‘He walked away and left the belt. Many people still consider him the 170-pound king – you can’t be the man unless you beat the man,’ White added.

GSP is adored in Canada and renowned for his intelligence inside the octagon, though many felt he was lucky to escape with victory in his last encounter, an epic five-round battle with Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167.

St-Pierre has not tasted defeat in the UFC for almost nine years, including his hiatus, and remains to be seen whether the former champion is well rested or rusty.

The bout is sure to attract plenty of interest as one of the fights of the year as Britain’s most successful UFC export defends his crown against a legend of the sport.

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