Women On Their Period Shark Will Be Attacks Says Laird Hamilton

Women On Their Period Shark Will Be Attacks Says Laird Hamilton

He’s the world’s most iconic big wave surfer, but Laird Hamilton may still have a way to go in the realm of science.

The Hawaiian surfer has made waves by weighing in on the threat of sharks after a spate of attacks in California, reports TMZ.

Hamilton downplayed the danger, with the exception of women on their period – in which case he said swimming was like walking through a storm with a lightning rod.

‘The biggest most common reason to be bitten is a woman with her period,’ Hamilton said.

‘Obviously if a woman has her period there’s a certain amount of blood in the water.’

The 53-year-old then compared the danger of a shark attack to being struck by lightning on a clear, blue day.

‘The chances of you getting bit are greater than you getting stuck by lightning on a day like today,’

‘So, obviously if you’re a fisherman with bloody fish in the water, or you’re in a position where you’re mistaken for a seal, these are all incidents to increase your odds.

‘It’s kind of like running around with a lightning rod and wondering why you were stuck by lightning.’

A 2015 report found that since 1941 there have been 1132 recorded shark attacks in Australia, of which 968 involved men, and only 64 women.

Any correlation between the attacks and the time of the month remains to be seen.

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