Zara announced its 2016 Black Friday deals

Zara have been keeping tight-lipped about their plans for their 2016 Black Friday deals, leaving us waiting until the day itself to see what discounts they had planned.

Thankfully the high street hero haven’t let us down, offering a 20% discount on selected items in store and online for one day only.

But this isn’t just any normal Zara sale – you know, when the good stuff is snapped up in the first few days leaving you with nothing worth buying – there are LOADS of great buys included in the Black Friday deal.

These are some of our favourites – just make sure you add to basket and checkout before midnight tonight.

Top tips

1. Don’t buy a sweeping, ankle-length style if you drive, spend a lot of time clambering on and off buses and/or take the Tube (think of all those escalators).

2. Don’t ever buy a coat that is skintight. Buying a size or even two larger is a wise move. Coats tend to look better if they are slightly looser and slouchier on the body.

3. Don’t feel you’re extravagant if you buy two – one for day and one for play.

4. Do consider what you will be wearing underneath your coat. If you are the type who scarcely feels the cold and likes to shrug her coat on over a simple, fine knit, then your normal size will probably suffice. But if you shiver at the mention of frost and prefer several layers before you even take your coat off the peg, then expect to move up a size.

5. Do check the sleeves are roomy enough to accommodate a sweater – there’s nothing worse than seeing coat sleeves that look like sausages about to burst – and that the hemline is long enough to cover your dresses and skirts.

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