University of North Texas College Don’t Value Attention to Detail if this mug is anything to go by

University of North Texas College Don't Value Attention to Detail if this mug is anything to go byThe image posted on Imgur appears to show the mug’s handle creating the letter “C” which, when added to the “UNT” initials written on the mug, spelled out an obscenity aimed at woman, outlets said.

It’s apparently been a well known joke for years but is this the University of North Texas’ way of letting us know they’re finally in on it? Or did they just not spot this gaffe?

We won’t spell out what exactly is wrong with the official University mug in the picture below, we’ll let you do that for yourselves.

The Internet is having a laff at the expense of the University of North Texas or UNT’s coffee mugs. Now those of us without gutter minds will only see the “UNT” on the mug but those of us who just can’t help ourselves see something else. I fall into the latter category. That was the first thing I saw.

The mugs ended up for sale on the Barnes & Noble gifts and accessories store. It looks like they’ve already been pulled (or else they’ve all sold out). I can’t find them.

The real question is: Was this intentional?

If you don’t believe that it’s legit then take a look at the Barnes & Noble page that it’s listed on.

We hope this is the work of an office prankster in which case we tip our hat to them but it’s more likely that the University of North Texas really didn’t think this mug through properly.

We’re the winners regardless.

Not sure the University of North Texas thought that through

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