Undercover Video Shows Shocking Animal Cruelty at Eggland’s Producer

Undercover Video Shows Shocking Animal Cruelty at Eggland's ProducerActivists captured video reportedly showing animal cruelty at Briarwood Farms in Washington state. Briarwood Farms supplies eggs to Eggland’s Best, the company confirmed to news outlets.

Captured by an undercover camera – it shows the painful existence of hens used for egg production at various Briarwood Farm locations in Washington State, one of 65 suppliers to the Malvern based “Egglands Best.”

“Each bird has less floor space notebook paper for her entire egg producing lives,” said a Mercy animal rep.

The group “Mercy for Animals” is calling for Egglands to go 100 percent cage free. It’s a transition that a spokesperson tells Eyewitness News the company is already outpacing their competitors in. But,

“We totally agree that what is being done in that video is not appropriate and is not consistent with our welfare guidelines,” said Bart Slaugh, an Egglands Best spokesperson.

Egglands says they will be looking into the authenticity of the video and their relationship with Briarwood.

Both parties agree that even a “cage free” label often still means a dark, closed room.

So, what should a concerned buyer do?

“We would encourage anyone who is interested in making sure that animal cruelty is not something they are contributing to to actually leave eggs off their plate all together,” said a Mercy for Animals rep.

That idea comes from the notion that consumers have no real way of knowing where their eggs are coming from or the quality of life for the hens that produce them.

But there is a way.

“This is the life that they are supposed to have,” said Gary Neil, a Gloucester County farmer.

Some local farms like Far Wind Farm boast humane treatment. They claim that their egg buyers can see it for themselves.

In most states caged factories are legal. Egglands feels they have been unfairly targeted, noting that cramped quarters are quote “industry standard.”

It’s an idea that breaks Gary Neil’s heart.

“Our standard is what you see here. We let our chickens out into the sunlight into the fields,” he said.

[Source: philadelphia.cbslocal.com]

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