» » Sean Hannity’s Story About Donald Trump’s Shuttle Helping Marines Is Untrue

Sean Hannity’s Story About Donald Trump’s Shuttle Helping Marines Is Untrue

Sean Hannity's Story About Donald Trump's Shuttle Helping Marines Is Untrue

The Washington Post reported Sean Hannity’s story about Donald Trump’s plane transporting Gulf War Marines in 1991 was not true, saying the plane was not Trump’s private jet and was under contract to move troops.

Sigh. No, Sean Hannity and associated minions, Donald Trump did not send his personal jet to transport “200 stranded Marines” from North Carolina to Miami after the Gulf War. Though it was nice of Trump’s people to “confirm” the bullpucky.

The Trump campaign has confirmed to Hannity.com that Mr. Trump did indeed send his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami, Florida to transport over 200 Gulf War Marines back home. […][Corporal Ryan Stickney] says that in his 28 years of public service, he has yet to see this kind of support for the troops from any of the other candidates running for president.

Glenn Kessler, who we may yet see climbing Trump Tower himself if the campaign keeps this up, breaks down all the different ways this is Completely Not What Happened. Short version: in 1991, Donald Trump was reeling from yet another stupid business decision after he had bought too many planes for his “Trump Shuttle” airline for the number of routes it had. The extras were sitting on the ground, and the mini-airline was failing badly.

Trump had put the Trump Shuttle up for sale on April 27, 1990, but by September couldn’t make loan payments and needed to cut a new deal with his bankers. By the time the TOW company went off to war, Trump had not paid interest on a $235 million Citibank loan for months. […]So some of those extra planes were contracted out to the U.S. military to ferry personnel in the United States during Operations Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-1991.

We would see this again in the Iraq War: The military finds it advantageous to contract with the airlines for ferrying troops back and forth rather than relying solely on their own planes. But no, Donald Trump did not send his personal, gold-riddled private plane to rescue “stranded” marines. A desperate-for-cash Donald Trump landed a contract to use some of his idle Trump Shuttle planes–or, possibly, only one of them—to the military. There’s a picture of the plane involved; it’s a Trump Shuttle.

I don’t think the story here should be that a Marine Corporal misinterpreted events when a Trump-labeled plane came to pick him up and bring him home to Miami. That’s understandable. But SeanHannitysMinions.com could have checked to verify the story was …

Oh, right. They did. They asked the Trump campaign whether or not the imaginary tale of heroism on Donald Trump’s part was true, and the Trump campaign “confirmed” that the imaginary, bullshit-laden version is the one they should run with.

Why stop there? Why not go all out? You could claim Donald Trump personally flew the planes that took those Marines home. You could claim there was no plane, Donald Trump just flapped his arms really hard and carried them all home on his back. You could say that there was a plane, but it used no fuel—it was powered by Donald Trump’s own unbounded sense of patriotism.

As long as we’ve gone into North Korean levels of leader worship, you might as well make it interesting. Nobody’s going to believe at this point that Donald Trump ever did an unrecompensed nice thing for anybody. The arm-flapping thing, they might believe.

Tarun Kumar

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  • Get Fuzzy

    Trump supporters: waiting for the true word/explanation/defense. No using the word “Hillary” or any other reference to the Democratic nominee for the Presidency. Stick to the actual incident.

  • Ann Peirce

    So, it appears the military contracted with Trump Shuttle to transport troops, just as they did and do other private aviation contractors. I didn’t read a claim that Donald Trump sent his “personal, gold-riddled private plane” to ferry troops, Tarun. What kind of “bullpucky” faux journalism are *you* trying to promote here?

    You report that “Corporal Ryan Stickney says that in his 28 years of public service, he has yet to see this kind of support for the troops from any of the other candidates running for president.”

    If *you* have evidence that Trump knew nothing of the contractual agreement between Trump Shuttle and the military to employ T S aircraft to transport troops and that Trump wouldn’t have supported this arrangement, provide the *evidence* to support your opinion, Turan.
    If, in addition, if you have evidence that any other presidential candidate, left or right, has been in a similar position to Mr. Trump’s organization to make this same contractual agreement for transport with the military, produce it, now.
    Personally, I believe that *any* of our past or present presidential candidates who found themselves in a position to be of service in some way to our men and women in service to our country, they would, without exception, be in complete favor of lending their support.
    Why would anyone have reason to believe otherwise? If you disagree then feel free to tell your readers why, Tarun.

    Whether your readers are pro or anti-Trump, I hope the majority are united against anti-crap journalism and the those who shovel it.

    Provide credible evidence instead of hate-laced, biased, conjecture based, hack journalism and and your opinion might be worth further consideration.