Donald Trump could have broken the law by removing the tweet ‘covfefe’

Donald Trump could have broken the law by removing the tweet 'covfefe'Donald Trump’s tweet “covfefe” was already an embarrassment. But it could also be the law.

The president has removed the now infamous tweet, five hours after his posting.

He read only “Despite the constant negative pressure” – a brilliant message that led to confusion and the same as people tried to determine what he was saying.

Now – only five hours and 126,000 retweets after publishing it – Mr. Trump apparently confirmed that the publication was a mistake in removing it from the site.

But this could make the President’s fortune even worse.

Some suggested that Mr. Trump should not be allowed to delete his posts because in doing so it is contrary to the laws that require the records to retain the chairman’s communications.

The National Archives has asked the White House to take into account all that Mr. Trump publishes, even if he continues to delete the messages.

The organization said in a letter to senators in March that it had told the Trump team that it should “capture and preserve all tweets issued by the president … including those later removed.”

But the responsibility for this depends on the president, and the National Archives and other bodies that cataloged presidential communications can not force him to prove that he did.

The “cofveve” tweet was far from the first to be deleted from Mr Trump’s account.

At the time of publication, Mr. Trump has not released a corrected version of the tweet.

It is not clear that the tweet was deleted by Mr. Trump himself or by a member of his staff.


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