» » Jamie Lee Curtis lashes out at Trump for his troubling comments about Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee Curtis lashes out at Trump for his troubling comments about Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee Curtis is defending Lindsay Lohan From Donald TrumpJamie Lee Curtis called out Donald Trump on social media Friday in response to a resurfaced interview from 2004 in which the businessman-turned-politician made crude and misogynistic remarks about Lindsay Lohan.

In an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show in December 2004, Trump, then 58, said 18-year-old Lohan was “probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.”

He added, “How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?”

Curtis, who costarred with Lohan in the 2003 body-swapping comedyFreaky Friday, addressed Trump on Twitter and wrote, “How dare you. She needed help.” Curtis included a promotional photo of her and Lohan from the movie.

She used another Freaky Friday photo — depicting the pair with shocked expressions — in a prior tweet referencing Trump’s denial of an accusation that he kissed a People reporter without her consent during a 2005 interview.

Trump’s denial was widely interpreted as suggesting that he would not have groped the reporter because she is unattractive.

A representative for Lohan told CNN in an email, “Right now, Lindsay is choosing to focus on the positive things happening in her life and has decided to disregard the comments made about her by presidential nominee Donald Trump. She is focusing on helping children around the world in need, and that’s where her passion is.”

A Trump spokesperson did not immediately reply to request for comment.

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  • Everett Walker

    In 2004, Donald Trump said mean things about Linsey Lohan. Forty years ago,The Pantsuit characterized 12-year-old Kathy Shelton as an unstable man trap. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b54cd565b4e81a250fef980ef0b399c0b32fdc92ccba0afe20ddf9de0171085.jpg

    • William Daring

      That’s incorrect. There was a child psychologist who gave independent testimony regarding the child’s mental state and issues fantasizing about older men. Memes turned that into a Hillary defense tactic. Completely uninformed partisan hysteria. It’s all easily researchable.

      • Everett Walker

        A Child Psychologist will say anything an attorney hires a Child Psychologist to say. It is basically abuse wrapped up in an envelop of bogus advanced degrees informed by money. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1be6f68f5209268854461fdde9edaa584261cb2c09ca406095c22339870215b.jpg

        • William Daring

          You didn’t look into this case at all, did you? The psychologist was not hired nor working for the defense. By accusing the psychologist of being biased, you are already admitting your first post is wrong. So, go find the truth.

          • Everett Walker

            the facts are as follows: The pantsuit is widely criticized for laughing over the outcome of a case in which she acquitted a child rapist. In fact, she was cackling over the ability of this completely guilty individual to fool a polygraph. She was NOT as accused, cackling over clearing her client of child abuse. Part of her defense involved painting the victim as a predatory man trap with a profound personality disorder.She abused the 12 year old girl in furtherance of her defense strategy.

          • William Daring

            I guess you didn’t look into the case. Either that, or him pleading guilty and serving time somehow translates to an acquittal. Sure, she laughed about how unreliable polygraphs must be in light of his obvious guilt – which was obvious to everyone because, again, his plea was guilty. She attempted to remove herself from the case after being assigned to it, out of discomfort regarding the nature of the crime and criminal, something even the prosecutor readily acknowledged as recently as last decade. The silliest issue here, though, is her obligation to defend her client to the utmost of her ability being viewed as cruel or unusual. Any legal professional would openly mock the very idea.

            “She was vigorously advocating for her client. What she did was appropriate. He was lucky to have her as a lawyer … In terms of what’s good for the little girl? It would have been hell on the victim. But that wasn’t Hillary’s problem.” – Andrew Schepard, director of Hofstra Law School’s Center for Children, Families and the Law.

            You can see a lack of this alleged tactic of accusing the victim of making up the rape story because she liked fantasizing about older men as follows:


            Note that all of that ‘paint’ came from elsewhere.

            The victim was a drug user and thief who testified to several newspapers (like Newsweek) that she bore Hillary no ill will. Only now that we’re here in the 2016 election cycle is she suddenly outraged. What’s bizarre is that her remarks indicate she’s no more understanding of the details of her very own trial than the people who are making those crazy-misinformed Hillary rape trial memes.

          • Everett Walker

            Yep the Pantsuit is a HERO

      • Everett Walker

        As Schopenhauer might have said, Gehen und feckin silbest.

  • Patti Hannah

    What is it about these Hollywood freaks that break the law, use and get high and if anybody says anything crude about these stains on society they go into this freak meltdown over it. Personally the little rich bitch should locked up in prison. That stain could die tomorrow and I would lose no sleep over it. I have zero tolerance for these rejects.