Brexit angry voter accused Tim Farron on the campaign trail

An angry voter today accused Tim Farron of ‘running this country down’ as he confronted the Lib Dem leader on the campaign trail.

Malcolm Baker, 65, confronted the party leader in the over his attempt to thwart Brexit.

And he said that while he has been a life-long Labour voter he will be backing Theresa May in the General Election on June 8.

In the angry clash in Kidlington near Oxford, the pensioner accused Mr Tim Farron of talking Britain down.

He said: ‘You keep on about that we didn’t know what we voted about, but we do though.’

Mr Tim Farron replied: ‘Lots of my mates voted leave, I don’t think they are racist.’

But Mr Baker shot back: ‘Yes you do, you keep going on all the time.

‘I voted leave and I’m proud to have voted leave and I knew what I was voting for’

The Lib Dem leader replied: ‘Have you got grandchildren? Are you proud that they will inherit a poorer less powerful less secure country?’

But the 65 year-old said: ‘Yes I do have grandchildren, and I’m proud that we will be coming out of Europe and we will have our own destiny, and not have people tell us we are going to pay £100 billion to get out.

‘If that’s your policy I hope you only get six seats.’

The pensioner then walks away from the Lib Dem leader, before telling reporters: ‘I tell you what, I’ve always voted Labour but I’ll be voting for Theresa May.’

He added: ‘I’m fed up of hearing this chap keeping on – running Britain down. We are a fantastic country.’

Mr Baker accused the party leader of being an ‘absolute disgrace’ as he was surrounded by press and supporters waving Lib Dem placards out in a high street.

But as he tells the crowd that he will be voting for Mrs May one man tells him he is a ‘f***ing idiot’.

Mr Baker’s angry words sums up the fury many millions of voters feel towards the Lib Dems, who have mounted a bid to thwart Brexit.

The party wants to hold a second referendum on the deal Britain gets in the hope that it can reverse last year’s historic vote.

And yesterday Nick Clegg, its former leader and one of its last remaining MPs, said the party will campaign to stay in the EU.

He said the party wants to ‘secure a referendum on the final agreement, so that the people can judge for themselves whether it is right future for the country.

‘That referendum will offer two choices; accept the deal, or remain in the EU.

‘Liberal Democrats will campaign for a remain vote.’

Mr Tim Farron tried to make a virtue of the humiliating confrontation.

He said that unlike Theresa May, he is happy to meet and debate anyone.


Swati Sharma

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