» » Breitbart News Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos Question on Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon

Breitbart News Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos Question on Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon

Breitbart News Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos Question on Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon

Alt-right journalist Milo Yiannopoulos said that gender inequality and the wage gap were “conspiracy theories” and that his boss at Breitbart turned government adviser should not care if he offended people.

Days after Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News, was appointed as Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Breitbart columnist Mr Yiannopoulos argued that he and his colleagues were not racists or misogynists.

“Breitbart is a company that is almost entirely staffed by Jews. I’m a gay Jew and he made me into a star,” he claimed in a heated Channel 4 News interview with Cathy Newman.

He also called out modern feminism as “nasty, ugly, sociopathic and mean” and that women “agreed” with him.

He said that feminists and movements like Black Lives Matter had ruled a policy of “feelings first, facts later” for the last 30 years in the US.

“They spread conspiracy theories, propaganda about the wage gap, campus rape culture – this stuff isn’t real,” he said.

The British-born writer and commentator was permanently banned from Twitter earlier this year as the social media company made a push to crack down on white supremacist-associated accounts.

Ms Newman challenged him on so-called “satirical” articles where he wrote that women should log off the internet, and that mass immigration should stop, otherwise people would “really know” what rape culture meant.

“You know perfectly well that it is a provocation to make people think and to perhaps make them laugh,” he said.

“I do delight in offending people. I think the grievance brigade, victimhood, you know the idea that hurt feelings are some kind of special currency, I think that needs to come to an end and America agrees,” he added.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and and other legislators have called on Mr Trump to dump Mr Bannon from his administration come 2017, arguing he made anti-semitic comments and was a misogynist.

Mr Trump has only made two key appointments so far, and one of them was Mr Bannon.

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  • J.

    Even if you don’t agree with the things he says, you have to respect the fact that he has the guts to stand up and say them.

    Free speech is free speech, whether you like it or not.

  • General E. Lated

    “Alt-right journalist..”? You leftist clowns just don’t get it. You wonder why you are so horrified at beating you took in the election. Those words should be smacking you in the face like Trump smacked your collective a s s! You are special kind of stupid. The good new is you will never understand why you lost the election and continue to fade into irrelevance.

    • Done to Death

      Bannon made the statement that Breitbart was, in fact, a “platform for the alt-right.” His words. You right wing nuts don’t even hear your own dog whistles anymore.

      • SC Dave

        The tide has FINALLY started to turn from the safe space idiocy of the Totalitarian Left.

        Bur there remains an entire generation of mind-erased youth to rehabilitate, so we of *actual* compassion have a lot of work to do. But the rewards of freeing poisoned young minds from them scourge of college liberalism are great, and worth the toil.

        • lando

          SC Dave you are an imbecile. rant some more about ‘Totalitarian Left’ garbage please it’s amusing

    • lando

      we understand very well the election was lost because of the worthless electoral college

      • piotr1600


        You’re just so… stinking *precious*, cupcake. You really are something ‘special’….

        The EC is in the *Constitution*, and it’s there for a reason.
        You should try to learn what that reason is, and the Framers thoughts on it, because with comments like that, you are seriously embarrassing yourself.

        • lando

          so that only a few hundred people have to be bribed or persuaded. yeah, very good reasons. fuck yourself in the pussy smartass

          • James Nunya

            Right…. bribed…. that’s why in 230 years and hundreds of thousands of electoral votes later, there have been precisely 82 occurrences of faithless electors, 23 of which occurred in 1836. But, yeah, bribed. I guess we’ll see which ones have been bribed come December 19th when they vote. They’ll be the ones who vote for Hillary when they weren’t supposed to.

          • Martin Vandal


          • piotr1600

            So you double down and keep on wallowing in your continued ignorance.

            About what I expected from you, cupcake.

        • CLMAZ

          Please, do enlighten the ignorant, if you know so much. Most people who express their disagreement with intellectual words like “BWHAAAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAAAA!” tend to have little activity going on inside their engine room.

          • piotr1600

            Read the constitution, read the correspondence of the Framers, and cure your own indolent ignorance, you know, like a normal intelligent adult will do.

            You demanding to be intellectually spoon-fed something that you should have learned in middle school (if were you paying attention, that is) is one of the primary hallmarks of someone who just isn’t up to what it takes to ‘adult’ very well.

    • coradon1

      And retards like you think Trump ‘spanked as s’ when in actuality he LOST the popular vote. Oh and the reason his win was such a surprise was because his supporters are chickens*ts who wouldn’t admit to who they were voting for when asked in polls. I guess admitting it was just too scary for them.

      • CLMAZ

        According to the govt dept that stores all statistics, not even the preliminary results of the popular vote will come out until Jan 6, 2017. The OFFICIAL numbers will not be available for release to the public until the middle of 2017. So, you only THINK he lost the popular vote. I’ve actually seen numbers reported that have him beating Hillary by about about 700,000 votes. We won’t know for about 8 more months, so enjoy your imagined victory while you can.

  • SC Dave

    Another article by a Totalitarian Left dimwit who has no clue what is happening. You grow more irrelevant with every article. And I have to admit, it’s fun to watch.

    • lando

      more fun to watch you brainwashed fucktards from the right thinking you know two shits more than anyone else

      • Wës Böyd

        That’s tellin’ him. Wow, I’ll bet he feels chastised now.

        • SC Dave

          Oh, I do. That was so… clever.

        • lando

          exactly. just grab them by the pussy

      • Nick Smith

        The wage gap is a myth. Rape culture is made up nonsense. So . . . what is your argument?

        • deviates

          The wage gap isn’t so much a myth as it is exaggerated by presenting statistics in a certain way. When comparing specific occupations there is still a gap between men and women but it’s no where near the figure usually quoted. As for ‘rape culture’, it’s a concept that’s practically lost all meaning and is used as a snarl word.

    • Hamblerger

      Which part of the article was inaccurate?

  • Alex J Falcon

    is that even Milo Yiannopoulos? that still-image looks like a completely different person

  • lando

    who’s this loser calling ugly?

  • Nathan Brooks

    why did they put “agreed” in quotations?

  • Nathan Brooks

    I’m not seeing a lot he’s said here that’s really wrong..

    • deviates

      Milo has done here what he always does, made massive generalisations, making what he said no more true than the points he criticised.