User Uploads Video of MP Boris Johnson to Pornhub Following Britain’s Vote to Leave EU

User Uploads Video of MP Boris Johnson to Pornhub Following Britain's Vote to Leave EUThe clip features Boris Johnson, who supported the “Leave” movement, giving a victory speech after the EU referendum, with the caption, “DUMB BRITISH BLOND F—– 15 MILLION PEOPLE AT ONCE.”

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union after the referendum really didn’t go down well with some people.

An angry voter uploaded a video of former mayor of London and Leave campaigner Boris Johnson on (Warning: this link is NSFW) Pornhub with the title: “Dumb British blond fucks 15 million people at once.”

The mop-haired Conservative MP spoke at the Leave’s campaign’s victory conference on Friday morning in the wake of the EU referendum results.

After David Cameron announced his upcoming resignation, Johnson is tipped to be the favourite to become prime minister but many people are really not keen on him.

John Oliver called him a “shaved orangutan with Owen Wilson’s hair.”

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