Virginia Shooting: 3 Men Shot While Filming Facebook Live Video

Virginia Shooting: 3 Men Shot While Filming Facebook Live VideoNORFOLK, VIRGINIA – The video was uploaded Tuesday by TJ Williams. The three men were hospitalized, two with life-threatening injuries, police said.

Three men were shot here Tuesday evening during a Facebook Live stream, reports CBS Norfolk affiliate WTKR-TV.

Officers were called to a street where they found three men inside a vehicle suffering from apparent gunshot wounds, the station says.

The men, all in their upper 20s, were rushed to a hospital with what police said were life-threatening injuries.

Though authorities haven’t officially said the Facebook Live video was recorded at the location police went to, a man can be heard in the video giving the emergency operator the same address.

It appears the hour-long video was taken by one of the men in the vehicle and started just minutes before shots rang out, WTKR says.

The graphic video shows the three men listening to music, a man in the front passenger seat holding the phone. Suddenly, the phone drops to the floor of the car as what sounds like at least 30 gunshots can be heard in the background.

“Call 911,” a man can be heard saying. “We need an ambulance. There’s three of us shot.”

A voice of another man can be heard trying to comfort a victim for about 10 minutes until paramedics arrived. The man repeatedly said, “Stay calm, stay relaxed.”

He also said, “Give me your hand, I got you. … Stay with me nephew. I got you. … It’s going to be alright. They are coming to get you.”

At one point, the man seemed to address multiple victims, saying, “Everybody keep your eyes open. Keep listening to my voice.”


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