Police in Riot Gear Respond to Standoff by Sherman Park in Milwaukee

Police in Riot Gear Respond to Standoff by Sherman Park in MilwaukeeMILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – Police responded to a group of juveniles breaking windows and throwing rocks at officers near near 42nd and Burleigh Wednesday night, outlets said. No injuries were reported.

People at Sherman Park threw bricks at Milwaukee Police and lit objects on fire just before midnight late Wednesday.

Witnesses say around 100 kids engaged in a stand off with police in the park.

Officers in riot gear took to the streets after people broke bus shelters and threw rocks at police.

Officers say someone broke the windshield of a squad car and lit a garbage can on fire.

No one was hurt and no arrests were made.

Police were called to the same area Tuesday night for a similar situation.

Four teens were arrested in that case.

[Source: www.nbc15.com]

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