Police Arrest 9 for Heroin Distribution Ring Bust in Frederick, Maryland

Police Arrest 9 for Heroin Distribution Ring Bust in Frederick, Maryland

FREDERICK, MARYLAND – During the bust, police confiscated 18 firearms and 510 grams of heroin, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities said it was the largest heroin bust in the county’s history.

Police say a heroin distribution ring has been stopped after a sweep involving several law enforcement agencies in Frederick County.

Following a “large number” of opiate overdose in the area, a large-scale criminal investigation into heroin and Fentanyl distribution was launched in 2016 with cooperation from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Investigation Section, the Frederick Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Unit, the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Maryland State Police Maryland Major Traffickers Initiative and Homeland Security Investigations.

The probe led to the discovery of a network of suspects both using and distributing large amounts of heroin and Fentanyl. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the bust focused on “executing undercover operations, making controlled narcotics purchases, and conducting surveillance to develop suspects and evidence.”

From May to June 2016, those efforts led to the seizure of heroin, Fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana, crack cocaine, various prescription narcotics, approximately $4,500, 18 firearms and four vehicles.

Last Friday, a grand jury indicted eight of the suspects for various drug related crimes including Colby Lewis, 24, Ronald Dinges, 56, Alexandra Kastner,, 27, Alante Williams, 23, Deandre Coplin, 27, Jocelyn Appleby, 26, Brett Demeza, 35, and Brett Carpenter, 35. A ninth suspect, Lauren Gardner, 32, was charged in connection with the investigation in May.

Alexandra Kastner is currently wanted and anyone with information on Kastner’s whereabouts is asked to call 301-600-2101. For a full list of charges faced by arrestees.

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