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Home / News / Mistress of Anthony Weiner Says He Continues Sexting Other Women
Ex-Sexting Mistress of Anthony Weiner Says He Continues Sexting Other Women

Mistress of Anthony Weiner Says He Continues Sexting Other Women

Ex-Sexting Mistress of Anthony Weiner Says He Continues Sexting Other WomenSydney Leathers told Page Six Thursday that Anthony Weiner is exchanging sexually explicit pictures with at least one other woman via text. She advised that woman not to go public, citing her own experience.

Sydney Leathers — the woman whom horndog Anthony Weiner sexted as “Carlos Danger,” torpedoing his mayoral campaign in 2013 — has accused the pervy former pol of being up to his old tricks again, with yet another woman.

Leathers on Thursday posted a scathing review ofthe recent documentary “Weiner” — which covers the sexting scandal — on Beltway blog Washington Babylon, and in Leathers’ “thumbs down” notice, she writes that Weiner’s “behavior will continue. In fact, I am certain his behavior continues to this day because a woman who claims to be one of his current sexting partners has reached out to me for advice.”

But Leathers — who in 2013 leaked her Weiner story — exclusively told Page Six she’s advised the mystery woman not to go public.

“She was thinking about talking to press,” Leathers told us on Thursday. “I said, ‘You shouldn’t do that,’ which would surprise people … but it was like, ‘Look what happened to me. It will impact future employment, relationships with friends and families.’”

Leathers told us that the woman’s correspondence with Weiner took place over Facebook and Skype. “Initially, I didn’t believe it was legit,” Leathers told Page Six. But “It’s his actual Facebook — and the [same] Facebook he used when he contacted me. This was the end of May. From what I gathered, they Skype. It’s Anthony Weiner, he’s not asking about the weather. [For me] he kept the vanilla stuff on Facebook and used ‘Carlos Danger’ for the other stuff.”

Leathers added of being contacted by the other woman for advice: “I felt like an episode of ‘Catfish.’ I made sure this girl’s pictures and profile and the screenshot she showed me is his current Facebook profile.”

In her review of the film she writes, “Watching Weiner practice an apology speech comes off about as authentic as my fake orgasms making a porno,” and, “Some people think I’m the loser in this situation, but the real loser is [Weiner’s wife] Huma [Abedin].”

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