Mexican Teen Dies After Stroke ‘HICKEY’

Mexican Teen Dies After Stroke 'HICKEY'

MEXICO CITY – A 17-year-old boy from Mexico City died of a hickey, Mexican media reported.

Julio Macias Gonzalez had a bruise on his neck, given to him by his 24-year-old girlfriend, according to Hoy Estado De Mexico.

He was at home with his family in the Iztapalapa borough when he began having strong convulsions.

Julio’s relatives caused emergency services, but paramedics could not save him. They later attributed his death to the hickey on his neck.

They said the bruise caused a blood clot to form, which then traveled to his brain, causing a stroke.

Julio’s parents said they did not approve of the pair’s relationship due to their age difference, Hoy Estado De Mexico wrote.

The 24-year-old woman’s whereabouts were unknown.

A woman from New Zealand was left partially paralyzed after a hickey gave her a stroke in 2011.

The 44-year-old lost movement in her left arm, causing doctors to believe she had had a small stroke.

They attributed it to a hickey on the right side of her neck, which had left a bruise.

The doctors gave her anti-coagulant medication and the clot disappeared in a few days.

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