Man faces charges for a bizarre attack at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Man faces charges for a bizarre attack at Charlotte Douglas International AirportA flight attendant’s job isn’t always a walk in the park but they’re usually not subjected to physical harm from the passengers they serve.

That wasn’t the case for one unlucky American Airlines attendant flying to New Bern, N.C. Thursday afternoon.

According to WSOC, flight 5242 was waiting on the tarmac at Chatlotte Douglas International Airport when 22-year-old passenger Tun Lon Sein allegedly tried to bite a flight attendant before jumping off the plane and onto the tarmac.

Before take-off, Sein got up from his seat and reportedly tried to open the aircraft door.

When a flight attendant and two other passengers attempted to get Sein to return to his seat, he then attempted to bite the crew member before jumping out the galley service door and onto the tarmac, where he was intercepted by two airport employees.

Attempting to assault a flight attendant and interfere with runway traffic is no minor offense. Sein has since been charged with one count of interfering with flight crew members and could face up to 20 years in prison plus additional fines. He appeared in federal court Friday morning, WSOC reports.


The other passengers were forced to endure a significant delay as the flight had to return to the gate to be rescreened before leaving for its destination.

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