Kim Davis Tries to Wiggle Out of Paying Legal Fines After Losing Marriage Battle

Kim Davis Tries to Wiggle Out of Paying Legal Fines After Losing Marriage Battle

A county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples last year is asking a federal judge not to make her pay legal fees for the couples who sued her.

Attorneys for the couples who sued Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis asked U.S. District Judge David Bunning to award them about $233,000 in legal fees and costs.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports Davis’ lawyers urged Bunning in a response Monday to deny the request.

Roger K. Gannam of Liberty Counsel, the religious advocacy organization that represented Davis, wrote that the case was resolved in the legislature and the couples aren’t entitled to legal fees.

Jeffrey C. Mando, a Rowan County attorney, said in a separate response that the county government shouldn’t be forced to pay anything.

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  • Noelle Allen

    Kim Davis broke the law no matter what her personal beliefs may be and she caused other inconvenience… she should pay. i hope they judge enforces it.

  • collegebasketballfan

    Sorry, Kimmy! Time to put your money where your God is!

  • Jacques

    She refused to do her job, she created a nightmare for couples who were just trying to get married. She was not within her rights to do so, she lost, she should pay.

  • Adam

    If she is righteous, the Lord will provide.

    Of course, she isn’t, so he won’t, but… I mean, yeah.

  • skaizun

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” – – Galatians, chapter 6