Flash Flooding Temporarily Shuts Down Cleveland Park Metro Station in Washington, DC

Flash Flooding Temporarily Shuts Down Cleveland Park Metro Station in Washington, DCCleveland Park Metro station closed Tuesday evening and reopened around two hours later due to flooding in the station’s tunnels and walkways, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said.

Metro says flash flooding was the culprit in the escalator closure that caused trains to bypass Cleveland Park on Tuesday night.

“The station is prone to flooding because it is at the bottom of a hill,” said Metro spokeswoman Sherri Ly. “In these extreme weather situations, we get flash flooding.”

She said the rainwater did not cause damage to the tracks or third rail. Escalators from the station’s mezzanine to the platform did, however, remain inoperable Tuesday night and were being used as stairs. Ly did not have an estimate of how much water had accumulated inside the station.

The station closed about 6:40 p.m. and reopened nearly two hours later, after drains were cleared and the rainwater had dissipated.

“We’re dealing with essentially a flash flooding situation where the water flooded the street, came over the curb and cascaded down the escalator,” she said. “You can’t control mother nature.”

Update (8:45 p.m.) 

Metro trains are no longer skipping Cleveland Park, the transit agency said Tuesday night.

Red Line trains began bypassing the station after 6:30 due to flooding.

[Source: www.washingtonpost.com]

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