Fireworks Inside Staten Island Mall Prompt Evacuation

Fireworks Inside Staten Island Mall Prompt Evacuation

NEW SPRINGVILLE – Witnesses falsely reported an active shooter at the New Springville mall Saturday, causing an evacuation, after fireworks were set off near the food court, police said.

Fireworks set off inside the Staten Island Mall Saturday evening prompted false reports of an active shooter, according to police — causing panic and a large number of cops to swarm the New Springville complex and evacuate remaining shoppers.

An NYPD spokeswoman confirmed that there was no active shooter involved in the 5 p.m. incident and that the noise stemmed from fireworks that were set off inside the complex.

Witness who have contacted the Advance said the fireworks were set off by somebody near the food court.

One person suffered an arm laceration as frightened shoppers ran, the NYPD spokeswoman said.

No further injuries have been reported at this time.

Nobody is in custody.

“I was inside the mall and all of a sudden a hundred people start yelling ‘Get out of the mall, get out of the mall,” said one shopper.

“Let me tell you, it was a scary feeling,” the shopper said.

Another shopper, Claudette LaGreca, said “I never heard a rumble indoors like that in my life.”

“Talk about a flashback to 9/11,” she said. “Cops are making everyone leave the mall because they want to make sure it’s fireworks.”

Once cops hit the scene, they evacuated remaining shoppers who had not fled the complex.

By around 5:45, they began letting employees back inside, according to emergency radio transmissions.

Helicopters are hovering over the mall and a a large NYPD presence remains.

The false report sparked scores of social media posts speculating that an active shooter was present at the complex, and offering prayers for any shoppers who may still be inside.

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