Dozens of people injured in Chelsea, Manhattan Explosion

Dozens of people injured in Chelsea, Manhattan ExplosionNEW YORK CITY – An explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York Saturday night dozens injured and a second device with wiring blocks found, authorities say.

Police officers and federal agents were scouring the streets with flashlights, robots and dogs to make sure that no other devices in the area.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters early indications are that the explosion on 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan that injured 29 “was an intentional act.”

Investigators believe the explosion was caused by an explosive device in or near a dumpster, a police source told CNN.

Police have video business on the street where the explosion occurred, which could provide key details about the hours before the attack.

Researchers are studying surveillance video that appears to show a person close to where the explosion occurred in the 23rd Street location, according to an official of the local and federal police. Researchers are trying to determine if that person is connected to the explosion.

De Blasio says that “there is no evidence at this point of connection terror” and no “credible and specific threat” to the city of New York. Police have increased security in the five boroughs as a precautionary measure, a police source told CNN.

Ambulances arriving at some local hospitals were being controlled by armed guards.

24 people were taken to hospital after the blast, but “none of the wounded are likely to die,” says the mayor.

De Blasio says also believe that no specific connection to an earlier incident in New Jersey, where an explosion occurred in a dustbin on the route of a charity run Marine Corps.

A second device blocks away

A device at a second location in Chelsea seems to be a pressure cooker, according to several local and federal agents order.

As a first response converged on the site of the blast and began blocking roads in the Chelsea neighborhood, attention soon became a second device.

Blocks of the first explosion, which seems to be a pressure cooker with dark colored wiring that comes from the top center of the device has been found, according to several local and federal agents order.

The device is connected by silver tape to a small dark device attached to the outside of the pressure cooker, according to several local and federal agents order.

None of the officials could say at this time what was inside the pressure cooker.
CNN has seen an image verification device description.

Some residents say they were told to stay away from windows when police searched the area.

Police combed the second with flashlights, looking under cars, looking in garbage cans and looking in doorways, CNN’s Richard Quest reports.

How it all unfolds

Surveillance video shows impact from the explosion.

Surveillance video from the explosion in Chelsea shows windows shattered with terrified people running on the streets and ducking. The video, which shows angles from inside and outside Orangetheory Fitness in Chelsea, shows a screen laying outside on the street after the explosion and what appears to be papers flying in the air.

Danilo Gabrielli, a 50-year-old Chelsea resident, was at his 23rd street apartment about a block away from the explosion site.

Gabrielli told CNN he heard the explosion around 8:30 p.m.

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