Cleveland police Officer involved in Tamir Rice shooting has been fired

Cleveland officials said the police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014, setting off national protests, was fired on Tuesday.

At a news conference, officials said that Timothy Loehmann, who fired the fatal shot, would be terminated immediately and that Frank Garmback, an officer who was driving the patrol car, would be suspended for 10 days beginning Wednesday.

The decision came after what Mayor Frank Jackson of Cleveland called an “exhaustive process” of investigation.

Cleveland’s chief of police, Calvin Williams, said at the news conference that Mr. Loehmann’s firing was effective immediately. Mr. Garmback would be required to take an additional tactical training course.

“This has been tough on our entire community, and definitely on the Tamir Rice family,” said Mr. Williams. “When this happened in 2014.

I made the comment that this is of course a tragedy, but it’s even more tragic that it happened at the hands of a Cleveland police officer.”

The officers were dispatched after Tamir Rice was reported for playing with a pellet gun near a recreation center.

Though the caller specified that the gun was “probably fake,” that information was not communicated to the responding officers.

Video released after the incident showed that Officer Loehmann shot Tamir Rice within two secondsof the patrol car pulling up beside the boy.

In 2015, a grand jury declined to bring charges against any of the officers involved in the shooting, which inflamed national outrage over this and other prominent killings of young African-Americans by police officers.

In January, it was announced that the two officers along with a third officer, William Cunningham, would face administrative charges from the department.

Those charges were brought after a special committee was created by the department to investigate Tamir Rice’s shooting.

In March, an emergency dispatcher was suspended from work for eight days for violating protocol in her handling of the call.


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