Barack Obama Takes Selfie With Alaska Mummy and Pretty Baby Girl Giselle

Barack Obama Takes Selfie With Alaska Mummy and Pretty Baby Girl

An Alaska mom has snapped a photo of Barack Obama cradling her baby after meeting him at the airport.

Jolene Jackinsky was at Anchorage International Airport on Monday when she noticed the former president waiting for his private flight.

Jackinsky, who was holding her six-month-old baby, says Obama struck up a conversation with her, asking ‘Who is this pretty girl?’

She says they chatted about how fast children grow while he carried baby Giselle, and she took a few pictures with the Democrat, who was wearing a blue fleece jacket and white polo shirt.

Little baby Giselle, in a ribboned hat, looked rather surprised to be in Obama’s arms, but another picture shows the adorable infant grinning at the camera.

Jackinsky says when Giselle’s father approached, Obama joked ‘I’m taking your baby.’

The encounter was brief but Jackinsky says she’ll always remember the moment.

‘It was only five minutes but it was a moment that will last forever,’ she said.

‘I think it’s unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby,’ she said. ‘Not a lot of people get to meet him.’

Obama, a father-of-two who has a long-documented affection for little ones, told Jackinsky he was going home from a vacation.

It is not clear where he was flying from on the layover, but the Obamas were recently spotted on vacation in Indonesia where the family had a packed schedule, from white water rafting in Bali to visiting temples on Java.

The former first couple have been enjoying themselves after eight years, jetting off to Richard Branson’s private Necker Island before vacationing in Italy.

They’ve both scored lucrative book deals, and unveiled plans to construct the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park to train and encourage the next generation of leaders.

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