Baby Born in Jet Airways Flight, Free Lifetime Air Travel

Baby Born in Jet Airways Flight, Free Lifetime Air TravelA baby was born on a Jet Airways’ aircraft winging its way from Dammam to Kochi on Sunday. When the woman went in labour, the crew of flight 9W 569 declared a medical emergency and diverted to the nearest airport, which happened to be Mumbai.

“The crew made an announcement to find if there was a doctor on board, but there was none. There was a nurse returning home to Kerala and she came forward. With her assistance, the cabin crew did an emergency delivery on the flight. A baby boy was born. The mother and baby are perfectly alright,” said a source.

The crew tried to establish “medilink” — where contact is established from a flying aircraft with doctors on ground to handle medical emergencies on board. However, this connection could reportedly not be activated.

A Jet Airways spokesman confirmed this mid-air delivery on their flight. The aircraft landed in Mumbai and the mother and child were taken to a hospital. It later resumed its journey to Kochi.

Big international airlines often give free lifetime passage to babies born mid-air in their flights.

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