Authorities Arrest Pam Hupp Who Fatally Shot Man in Her Home in O’Fallon, Missouri

Authorities Arrest Woman Who Fatally Shot Man in Her Home in O'Fallon, Missouri

O’FALLON, MISSOURI – Pam Hupp was arrested by officers Tuesday a week after Louis Gumpenberger, 33, died in her home, police said. Hupp told police Gumpenberger had followed her into her house.

The woman who shot and killed a man last week in her O’Fallon residence was handcuffed Tuesday morning and taken to the O’Fallon Police Department.

Pam Hupp was a central figure in a highly publicized murder trial covered extensively by Fox 2 News.

The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and O’Fallon Police Department have announced a 3 p.m. news conference to provide more information on charges being filed related to the case.

On August 16, O’Fallon police received the initial call for help at 12:10 p.m.  A second 911 call was made a short time later from Hupp.  When officers arrived at the home, Hupp said a man approached her in the driveway and followed her into her home. She said she was able to retrieve a gun and shot the intruder, who was later identified as 33-year old Louis Gumpenberger. An autopsy determined Gumpenberger had been shot at least twice.

Police said Hupp cooperated with investigators and provided a complete statement.

Gumpenberger was from Union, Missouri. He has recent listed addresses, all over the place, including Bel Ridge, St. Charles and two locations in O’Fallon, Missouri.

He was scheduled for a job interview the following day at a St. Peters business that helps disabled people.

Gumpenberger’s ex-girlfriend, Shannon Zoll, said he suffered nerve damage after a car accident 11 years ago, adding that he has a noticeable limp when he walks.

“For him to be alone at all is shocking for me.  He doesn’t drive.  He doesn’t leave the house by himself,” she said.

Zoll said Gumpenberger was not a threat to anyone ever since the car crash.

Hupp was a former witness in the high profile Betsy Faria murder trial. Betsy’s husband, Russ, was first convicted and later exonerated after new evidence surfaced. The evidence involved $150,000 in life insurance proceeds, signed over into Hupp’s name days before Betsy’s murder.

Hupp was never named as a suspect during the Faria investigation and O’Fallon police are not talking much about this shooting because they’re still investigating.

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