» » Aurora Shooting Survivors Have to Pay at Least $700,000 to Cinemark Chain

Aurora Shooting Survivors Have to Pay at Least $700,000 to Cinemark Chain

Aurora Shooting Survivors Have to Pay at Least $700,000 to Theater Chain

After a settlement collapsed, four survivors of the Aurora cinema shooting 2012 are left paying the Cinemark chain at least $ 700,000.

The settlement default and the financial implications were outlined Tuesday by the Los Angeles Times, who reconstructed the story through interviews with people involved in the talks between the owners of the Century Aurora 16 mutliplex and 41 applicants, including survivors and relatives of the victims.

A federal judge overseeing their case had advised the complainants that they should deal with Cinemark in 24 hours. Another group of survivors had filed a complaint with the state, and a jury decided Cinemark could not foresee the shooting, which left 12 dead and over 70 injured during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Because of this decision, the judge said, it would most likely also not responsible chain of shooting.

As plaintiff Marcus Weaver told the Times, the group had to decide whether they were willing to accept $ 150,000 distributed among 41 applicants. He said he did not think it was enough, but he was satisfied that the company was going to have to take further measures to protect customers. Applicants also know if they rejected the agreement and the case moved forward, under Colorado law, they would be responsible for Cinemark’s legal costs.

As Cinemark drafted a press release announcing the settlement, an unidentified plaintiff dismissed the case. Weaver and 36 other plaintiffs were quickly removed from the prosecution, but four remained, and the judge ruled the day for Cinemark. The state’s case has cost $ 699,000, and the federal case should be more.

Several complainants and lawyers told the Times they were unhappy with the way the case of the state has been processed, and some federal seekers were so suspicious of the low case as rumors began to spread that Cinemark was in fact behind it and wanted it to fail. Weaver, who is married and had a child after the shooting, told the Times he seeks to go with his life, but he can not shake what happened with the federal case. “Theatres are not safer,” he said. “It’s almost like everything was for nothing.”

Swati Sharma

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  • Shanan West

    WHAT ??? $3,658 for each victim and they should have “Settled” ??.. Excuse me.. that is NOT even enough for a burial for their lost loved ones.. The cinema may not have been responsible but for crying out loud, what a slap in the face to the victims.. and now they want to charge the remaining victims for their legal fees ?? .. it’s OK. I don’t think I will be visiting any more movie theaters !..and I bet a lot more people feel the same way !

    • Ranting Monkey

      You don’t think it’s a slap in the face of the victims for their families to try to profit off their deaths?

      The theater didn’t go after these people. They defended themselves. The plaintiffs shouldn’t have sued. The theater’s offer to settle was an out, it would have kept these people from having to pay legal fees. These greedy bastards pushed forward anyway with dollar signs in their eyes.

      They did it to themselves.

      • Lily Mathers

        Wow, you are just not a nice person.
        NO ONE is trying to “profit off [sic] their deaths”, do you know how much a funeral costs? Or how broken you are if someone you love is MURDERED? If a lawyer had come to me after this, I would be in no condition to make choices like this, so go yell at the lawyers. And TRY to put yourself in the shoes of people whose family members were killed here, it is the worst way to lose someone and you clearly do not care. Work on empathy, please, unless you really do use the internet to “rant” only.

        • Ranting Monkey

          So they were only asking for the cost of funerals? Come on, you know better than that.

          They are responsible for their actions, can’t blame lawyers, everyone told them to settle. They wanted to get PAID. Not paid. PAID. They saw fat dollar signs.

          You may well be the type who, after a tragedy, just has to get money. I’m not like you. I was raised better.

    • Lily Mathers

      This is a hard call, but it is pretty much always “called” by lawyers who actually do, as the rather unpleasant other poster tried to say about the families, want to profit monetarily from this horrible, sick and sad thing.

      When a loved one is taken like this, it even affects the way you grieve, and of course these families were just trying to do things right and …. it sucks, basically. I haven’t heard everything that was said in court (such as what is a movie theater’s responsibility here, and in the future will this need to change). Shanan, you can’t say the cinema “may not have been responsible”, and then say that they should pay for something that wasn’t their job to do. **If I owned this theater and had the means? I would pay for every funeral. I would not do it publically (which is why i only lasted one year in studying Public Relations when I was in College!). This whole thing is terrible, we all agree…. and I can’t stop thinking that probably some lawyers pushed families into this.
      They also might have been made aware that if they lost, they would have to pay court costs, etc. Hopefully these lawyers worked for an “only if i win for you” deal.

      Sorry, this is just all too sad and this is the stuff you don’t usually see after these horrible (I need a bigger adjective) mass killings of innocent people. There is new pain every damn day. It never goes away 🙁 BUT this is something where we can help – if the families need help with the bills, start a fundraiser for them, hopefully someone has. All lives DO matter – we all need to take care of each other.

      • Ranting Monkey

        So, in your opinion, even when everyone involved in the case, including the judge AND the lawyers tole them that they should take the settlement deal, it was the lawyers pushing for them to continue?

        That makes perfect sense.

  • Ranting Monkey

    “Only in America”? Not quite. Educate yourself. Many European countries require people to cover court costs if they sue and lose.

    The theater is not responsible for what happened. A loon lost his mind and killed people. The theater wasn’t negligent. These people tried to make money off a tragedy and then, even after being told they would lose, kept pushing the issue.

    This is Darwinism.