Alligator Found in Bottom of Swimming Pool in Sarasota, Florida

Alligator Found in Bottom of Pool in Sarasota, Florida

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – Residents in Florida thought twice before taking a dip in a swimming pool on Memorial Day after they discovered a nearly eight-foot alligator in it.

The homeowners spotted the alligator swimming in the backyard pool at their home in Sarasota Monday morning. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said the reptile was about seven-to-eight feet long.

Police called a trapper to the home to remove it from the pool and relocate it to a “safer and more ‘appropriate”” location, the department wrote on its Facebook page. The post followed with the hashtags, “#OnlyInFlorida #MemorialDayInTheSunshineState.”

The department later posted a video of the rescue, where the alligator was seeen thrashing in the water, refusing to get out of the pool while trappers pulled it out of the water.

Sarasota County police used the incident to remind residents to look before you leap, in case there was something dangerous lurking in the water.

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