5 People Shot Outside Music Venue in Agora Theatre and Ballroom

5 People Shot Outside Music Venue in Agora Theatre and Ballroom

CLEVELAND – Police said multiple shooters are suspected in the incident that occurred around 2 a.m. EDT Saturday. The victims were taken to area medical facilities. No details were available on the suspects.

Friday night was busy for Cleveland police, who were called to multiple locations for shootings on the city’s east side.

Officers report that five people were injured during a shooting at The Agora, a well-known music venue at 5400 Euclid Ave. Not too far from The Agora, at E. 55th and Payne Avenue, three other people were shot, including two men and one woman.

Those are two of the six separate shootings that took place Friday night.

One of them involved a woman who was fatally shot multiple times on E. 117th and Sellers.

Three other shootings include a 24-year-old man shot in the back at 12309 Phillips Ave.; a man shot multiple times at E. 30th and Superior Ave.; and a man shot at E.64th and St. Clair Avenue.

The 117th and Sellers incident was the only fatal. The conditions of those involved in the other five incidents are unknown at this time.

The Republican National Convention begins Monday in Cleveland.

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