1 Dead and 2 Injured in Wal-Mart Shooting in Parking Lot in Kansas

1 Dead and 2 Injured in Wal-Mart Shooting in Parking Lot in Kansas

KANSAS – State Police in Clifton Park arrested an Albany woman after they say she falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend threatened to shoot her in a Walmart parking lot.

Police say 25-year-old Kayla Hunter of Albany falsely called 911 and claimed that while she was at the Walmart in the town of Halfmoon her ex-boyfriend arrived in the parking lot and threatened to shoot her.

However, police say an investigation revealed that hunter’s ex-boyfriend was at a different location at the time of the alleged incident.

Police say Hunter would no answer follow-up phone calls after her initial 911 call, and was eventually located in Albany.

Officials charged Hunter with Falsely Reporting an Incident after police say she admitted to making up the story about her ex-boyfriend.

Hunter was issued an appearance ticket to return to the Town of Halfmoon Court on a later date.

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