Police Rule Out Terrorism After 8 People Injured By Car Outside Amsterdam Station

Police Rule Out Terrorism After 8 People Injured By Car Outside Amsterdam Station

A car has ploughed into pedestrians outside Amsterdam’s Centraal station, injuring at least eight – two seriously.

The incident occurred at around 9pm local time in the heart of the Dutch capital.

According to Dutch police the motorist was parked in an illegal spot near the central station.

As he was approached by officers he sped off and hit a wall, crashing into a crowd of people.

Dutch police tweeted that the driver: ‘Did not seem to go deliberately but [was] incapacitated’

Officers were on the scene immediately, and quickly pulled the man from the car and arrested him.

Paramedics quickly swarmed the scene to tend to the wounded.

Police spokeswoman Marjolein Koek said: ‘There is no indication whatsoever that this is a terrorist attack’

The square outside Centraal Station, which is a hub for tourists visiting the city, was sealed off by police as they searched the car.

Security Services in the Netherlands has been on high alert since the London Bridge attack a week ago.

On Friday, a concert in Eindhoven was extended by thirty minutes because there was suspicious behavior of a man outside the stadium.

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