Judge Files Murder Case of Glorimar Pérez

Judge Files Murder Case of Glorimar PérezJudge Jose Emilio Gonzalez, the Court of Aguadilla, filed the criminal case against Nelson Ortiz, Nelson Ruiz and Jose A. Caro today for the murder of Santiago Perez Glorimar.

“Where there is no case, we must recognize that there is no case,” said the judge prior to the determination.

“We will enact the file of this case and the innocent gentlemen rise and acérquensen the podium. Nobody accuses. So they are innocent. We’re going to be asking to be removed the shackles and are free so they can make your life the best of you, “he said.

I then took the opinion that the Department of Justice requested the case file in the absence of genetic evidence linking the three defendants and the problems they have had to get witnesses.

It was the prosecutor who said Yamil Juarbe court determination of Justice not to pursue the case.

“It is not the intention of the Department of Justice nor will leave this case die the sleep of the just. This case continues until we prosecute those responsible, “said the prosecutor.

This view was held less than 15 days after Justice Secretary Cesar Miranda reported that the result of the mitochondrial evidence requested “excludes the possibility that they belong to the three defendants”.

Ortiz Ruiz and Caro were convicted of the murder of Santiago Perez occurred in 1988. Convicted met 22 years of a life sentence for murder.

The three men were sentenced in 1994 and since then have said they are innocent. The trio asked twice unsuccessfully holding a new trial. The now former judge Manuel Acevedo, convicted of corruption, denied the requests.

However, an initial DNA test released last summer prompted the judge determines Gonzalez on June 23 that the accused deserved a new trial that had sought for years. After the determination, the trio was released and enfrontó new charges, which were eliminated them today.

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