Viewers Speculate on 2013 Video of Britney Spear’s Reaction to Ryan Seacrest

Viewers Speculate on 2013 Video of Britney Spear's Reaction to Ryan Seacrest

People have speculated online that Britney Spear’ shocked expression in the video from the promotion of her “Britney Jean” album was a reaction to learning Seacrest dates women.

So basically, Britney Spears, 34, did an interview with Ryan Seacrest, 41, and Will.I.Am in 2013, while she was promoting her most recent album, Britney Jean. During the sit-down chat, Ryan and Will.I.Am started talking about dates and wearing cologne. The Black Eyed Peas singer actually asked Ryan if he sprays cologne on “his girl,” and that’s when Britney darts her head towards him and seems to ask, “girl?” as if she had no idea the American Idol host was straight.

We must note — it’s hard to tell if that’s why she reacted in the way that she did, or if she really even asks “girl?” but fans on Twitter are going wild with this theory. Watch the video and see their reactions in the tweets below.

The video is about three years old, but it started going viral on Aug. 5, when a fan tweeted it out and said, “that time when britney realized ryan seacrest wasn’t gay.” It might just be the best #FlashbackFriday posting we’ve ever seen.

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