Viewers slam Leanne Battersby’s huge newborn on Corrie

It has been one of the most anticipated births on the show – with the father of the child also expecting a baby with Kym Marsh’s character Michelle Connor.

But viewers were somewhat distracted during Leanne Battersby’s tense labour on Monday’s episode of Coronation Street, after being left confused by the seemingly huge size of her newborn.

While Leanne, played by Jane Danson, dramatically gave birth in a lift, fans took to Twitter to instead comment on the unrealistic age of the infant – with many calling it ‘several months old’, and claiming it detracted from the scene.

The scene was set to be an emotional one as it followed Leanne giving birth to Steve McDonald’s child – just hours after he scattered the ashes of his lost baby with his wife Michelle.

However things soon go awry for Leanne, as her waters break while stuck in a lift with Toyah, played by Georgia Taylor – who is then forced to deliver the baby following instructions from nurses outside the broken lift doors.

The birth soon becomes tense as the blonde voices her worries of a miscarriage – shrieking that the ‘same that happened to Michelle, is going to happen to me.’

Yet with the support of the brunette, a healthy baby boy is soon delivered, with Leanne fighting back tears as she gushes over her newborn, whispering: ‘We did it.’

Despite the joyous event being played out, viewers were instead left in outrage over the unrealistic size of the child used as her newborn.

Taking to Twitter, one disgruntled fan of the soap wrote: ‘Jeez, Leanne’s baby was born ready for its first day at school!’ before adding ‘#bigbaby’ (sic)

Another firmly agreed, adding on the lightning speed of the birth: ‘Leanne gave birth to a 3 month old baby like she was shelling a pea.’

Others added to the fray, commenting: ‘That is the biggest new born baby ever’ and ‘Coooor Leanne’s baby was like a 2-year-old’ (sic)

A fellow viewer also noted that the baby also did not appear to have an umbilical cord in another flaw, writing: ‘Wow didn’t leanne do well giving birth! No umbilical cord either!’

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘No wonder Leanne walked like that during pregnancy giving birth to a baby that size!’ – in light of the actress’ bizarre walk that had caught attention last year.

Leanne had amused viewers during her pregnancy in December, after fans labelled her over the top pregnancy waddle ‘hilariously odd’.

Viewers couldn’t help mocking the soap star’s efforts after Friday night’s episode, with one tweeting: ‘What the heck??? Why is Leanne walking like there’s a barrel between her legs?’

Actress Jane, who is mother to two sons herself, recently spoke to WhatsonTV about the experience of giving birth on-screen.

Despite having given birth herself however, she admitted that doing it as an actress was strangely ‘exhausting’ in comparison – and is far more challenging thanks to the endless dialogue.

She said: ‘I’ve never given birth on screen before although I’ve done it twice in real life. It was weirdly exhausting.

‘Leanne is terrified, it’s technically difficult and there’s a lot of dialogue, which isn’t usually the case for the person giving birth.’

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