» » » Victoria’s Secret Criticized for Image Photoshop of Model That Appears to Be Retouched

Victoria’s Secret Criticized for Image Photoshop of Model That Appears to Be Retouched

Victoria's Secret Criticized for Image Photoshop of Model That Appears to Be RetouchedVictoria’s Secret received negative comments on an Aug. 1 Facebook and Instagram post featuring its bras that seemed to show a model whose arms had been retouched, outlets reported Monday.

It’s no secret that basically every fashion photo you see is heavily retouched. And Victoria’s Secret in particular has been harshly criticized for just how much it apparently Photoshops images of its models. But if savvy social media followers are right, the over-Photoshopping is still going strong, as evidenced by a photo posted on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook and Instagram pages last week.

The photo, which features top models Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell, might look run-of-the-mill at first, but take a closer look at Hunt’s arms. Commenters are pointing out that her right arm looks unnaturally smoothed out, and her left elbow is sticking out too far behind Maxwell to look natural.

Of course, it could have just been off lighting or weird angles, but fans of the brand are blaming overly zealous retouching. “Loving the Photoshop on the left,” an Instagram commenter joked. “The Photoshopping on the arm of the girl on the left is concerning,” another commenter wrote on Facebook. “Did anyone actually look at this photo before it was published?”

Neither Hunt nor Maxwell has addressed the image via social media as of Monday morning. Cosmopolitan.com has reached out to Victoria’s Secret for comment on the photo.

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  • borderraven

    I wish I had that job.

    • Jeffery Miller

      i have a job similar to this and….. Its awesome until someone wants to start talking crap about the photoshopping stuff. ironically MOST of every model I have EVER photographed freaked if they were not photoshopped….

      • borderraven

        Another job I’d take is the Japanese guy who puts the black marks on Japanese porn.

  • djmc993150

    whats more shocking is that anyone has so little going on in their life that they care.

  • Enya Walsh

    We didn’t have this problem back when you couldn’t show women in their underwear, except in porn.

  • gray444

    Does anyone really care I mean were there phone calls ? letters ? emails ? I do not think so the P.C. police are on the lose again. ha ha. We have and Opiate epidemic people shooting police and terrorist and this is what they call news grow up no cares she could be naked and no one would care. That is a fact Kim Kardashian pose’s nude regularly and is now famous for a porn tape and putting pics up of herself nude she is not alone this is the way of the new generation. Women fought and are still fighting for their rights and this is what this generation does. Fire who ever wrote this story and hire someone with a brain.

  • theAC
  • clothing retailers retouch photos of models? who would have thought????!!!!
    FFS find something else more worthy to care about.

    • disqus_ElOQJ02ch4

      Says someone who obviously doesn’t have a daughter…

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