Tommy Ford’s wife, Gina Ford says that he’s on life support

Tommy Ford on life support

Social networks became alive on the morning of October 12 with rumors that Martin Thomas Mikal Ford star had died in Atlanta. The rumors gained momentum when the blackish star Anthony Anderson tweeted that Ford had died.

Anthony Anderson sent fans on a Wednesday afternoon frenzy when he sent a tweet announcing the death of actor and friend Tommy Ford. Tweet The “Black-ish” Star contained false information and was removed minutes later.

While Anderson tweeted out incorrect information, Terri J. Vaughn actress, who starred with Ford in the film “Who got married” to tweet made sure the correct information. “Tommy Ford has not gone! Is not doing anything right. Keep praying for a miracle!”

Anderson later recanted saying that the statement, “I was given misinformation about our friend. That’s why the tweet was deleted. We are still praying for Tommy. He needs us even more.” On October 11, Anderson had tweeted “prayer is powerful prayers I humbly ask UR 4 April a friend Your name is Tommy say can not be done through the night, but miracles happen!..!”

Ford’s wife, Gina, told TMZ that her husband is in grave condition and is on life support at an Atlanta hospital. The gossip site notes that Ford has been hospitalized since October 9 “after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen.”

In the weeks previous, Ford had posted on Instagram about having knee replacement surgery. A few days before he was hospitalized in the aftermath of the surgery, Ford wrote on social media, “Working really hard in physical therapy! My progress is amazing! Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement! I’m excited about getting back to work!”

In addition to his role on Martin, where he played Tommy Strawn for the show’s entire five-year run, according to his IMDb page.

He also had a role in the Eddie Murphy/Richard Pryor 1989 movie Harlem Nights. Ford’s other major roles included Lt. Malcolm Barker in New York Undercover and as Mel Parker in The Parkers.

As well as acting, Ford is a motivational speaker, preaching about the perils of drugs and violence. He writes on his official website:

Young people mirror the images of those that they perceive are cool! Actors, singers, rappers, athletes and entertainers. I have done more than 200 episodes of television, more than two dozen films, and close to 100 theatrical performances!

While I have the platform it is my opportunity to let our children, youth and adults know that they’re beautiful, they’re powerful, they’re valuable and they’re worth-while!

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