Tom Hiddleston Newly Create Instagram Account is Hacked

Tom Hiddleston Newly Create Instagram Account is Hacked

Actor Tom Hiddleston’s Instagram account appears to have been hacked, just two weeks after he joined the photo-sharing website.

“The Night Manager” star has so far posted photographs of himself from the set of his forthcoming movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, though his one million followers were left baffled on Thursday by a spate of bizarre new images and messages, reports
His unusual activity therefore prompted speculation that somebody else had taken control of the account.

A representative for Hiddleston has been contacted for comment.

The intrusion appeared to start when a black and white hooded figure was posted, earlier this week.

This was followed by screenshots of other Instagram pages and Snapchat accounts that were among just four users that counted Hiddleston as a “follower”.

His Instagram bio, which is verified with a blue tick, was also changed to read: ‘TEAM.ERORR.4.0.4 @rjz @ikp @dr.rghx @u52 @x3azmii @p9j @x.hrb.’

Some of the comments that were posted alongside the images ensured that the actor would soon regain control of his account.

One read: “Don’t worry. We will back account to Tom”.

The posts have now been deleted and by Friday night, the page had restored just four photographs shared by the actor since he joined social media two weeks ago.

Singer Taylor Swift’s new beau sent social media into a frenzy earlier this month when he posted his first photograph.

It was captioned: “He’s back” and showed the actor dressed in a jet black wig as his Thor alter-ego Loki.

Two of the other four photographs posts featured actor Chris Hemsworth, who stars in the action adventure as the title character.

The pair have been reunited to film the 2017 follow up, “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Hemsworth and Hiddleston have shared the screen since the original film in 2011 and twice more thereafter.

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