Tom Hanks and Ellen Pixar reprise their roles for a Pixar-off at The Ellen Show

What would happen if Woody from Toy Story and Dory to find Dory cross? Their counterparts in voice actors Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres have discovered in their Pixar-off on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While talking with DeGeneres about their Pixar adventures, Hanks asked the audience to close their eyes and “imagine that you are in the land Pixar.” The couple then channeled their respective characters to see what the cowboy action toy think the amnesiac fish.

The bit came when Hanks started asking if Ellen fans never be confused with Dory. “Did you make them close their eyes and talk to them as Dory?” He asked. He never got a response, but later added. “The kids are going crazy”

The two banter nonsensically about Woody’s missing hat and Dory’s inability to remember who Hanks’ character even is, and it’s pure gold.

Later in the conversation, Tom and Ellen lament over the less-than glamorous aspects of lending their voices to such beloved characters. The Oscar winner reveals he had to record “92 versions of the same line,” adding, “Woody is clenched all the time. My diaphragm is always exhausted after those 4-hour, 5-hour recording sessions.”

The comedienne can relate, telling Hanks she often finds the work “exhausting” because, as she puts it, “I’m always hyperventilating because Dory’s always either left behind… I’m always out of breath.”

So until Toy Story 4 hits theaters in 2018, bide your time by watching Tom and Ellen in the video above on repeat. You deserve it.

Swati Sharma

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