Tamar Braxton and Her Husband Vince Herbert Reportedly Nearing Divorce

Tamar Braxton and Her Husband Vince Herbert Reportedly Nearing Divorce

An unnamed source told LoveBScottDOTcom that the pair may be heading toward divorce because Tamar Braxton was allegedly cheating with “another high-profile man for a while.”

Is it a wrap for Tamar And Vince? Rumors are swirling that the couple’s 8-year marriage is coming to a close, and it’s all due to some dirty dog antics. But the cheater in this case isn’t Vince — despite rumors to the contrary that seem to keep popping up here and there — but none other than Tamar who’s been tip toeing to extramarital beds.

A source alleges to Love B. Scott that Tamar has been secretly smashing a high profile guy behind Vince’s back…and now that he has proof, he’s tossing Tamar out of the door…

Tamar and Vince’s marriage is in jeopardy — to say the least.

Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that the reason for the split is because Tamar’s been cheating on her husband with another high-profile man for a while. Vince had been suspicious of his wife’s infidelity for quite some time and hired a private detective to find out all the details — and he found out EVERYTHING.

We hear the Vince confronted Tamar and they had BIG blowout in front of two other people. It got so heated that they ended up cutting everyone in the room a nice little check to keep quiet.

We also hear that there’s a good chance this could affect her current and future shows as a way to avoid having to speak on the drama.

To top it all off — Vince allegedly wants full custody of their little boy. “He doesn’t know who Tamar is anymore. He says she’s not the same woman he married eight years ago,” said the source. “She’s too busy going on vacations to worry about the drama at home. He has the baby and that’s the only thing he’s concerned about.”

YIKES. We’re VERY interested to know who Tamar’s high profile side peen is…and somewhat curious if this mess had anything to do with her sudden boot from her day job on The Real earlier this year…

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